What is the best thing in this world? Are strong chocolates? Or a trip to Paris? Or having a luxury life?



How do you feel when he/she caresses you and says “I LOVE YOU”? If you will ask me then I would say that it is the best thing in this world, Isn’t it?Love has vigorous power in it. It can make you do all the crazy kinds of stuff that you wouldn’t have ever thought of.

It is more addictive than nicotine, well nicotine harms you but LOVE doesn’t, rather it heals. Love is so powerful that it charms you to stay together forever but if fall in Love a wrong person, it will lead to a DISASTER. So, It is important to know who will THE BEST MATCH for you, and this can find out from the person’s ZODIAC SIGN that whether he/she will be the PERFECT COUPLE for you or not(up to some extent).And even if you are not dating anyone, here are the suggestions that whom you should date and whom you shouldn’t.
Once I dated a and thereafter I tried this and I am really happy with him to Let us find out your “perfect match“. 🙂

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 ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Generous/Short tempered

Element: Earth

Most Sensitive Body Part: Face and head

Lucky Color: Red

Here comes your love Match with:

AriesThere will be a blazing romantic connection between you both since both of you have fire as your zodiac sign. You just need to align your interests and values.

Taurus: There is romance and passion though your energies are different and move in different direction but as “opposite attracts each other”, you both will attract each other and ultimately come to each other .

Gemini:Oops…! You both will face challenges. 😐 as Gemini is a thinker and Aries is a door. But you both just need mutual love and aim which will work out the distance. 🙂

Cancer: They areruled by the Moon ,Cancerians take their comments and actions too seriously  so they can often be too sensitive for Aries. 😐 You both need to have give and take relation from both sides.

Leo: Good news!:) You both are in sync, and have a better understanding

as Leo is fire, though fire burns everything but connection of you two is good,

Virgo: A difficult union. The Arian does not set well with Virgo. Problems and Problems 😐

Libra: There is an absence harmony here. You both need to recognize looks a tall each other’s gifts as Aries shoot from the hip and Libra tall sides.

Scorpio: Power emotions and straightforwardness, you both shares mutual love and respect. But should be no room for secrets.

Sagittarius: You both fire signs are like love-magnets. You both  are a match made in heaven!

Capricorn: You both are opposite. Capricorn loves the excitement and change and Aries steadily climb the mountain to find success. You both have a lot to teach each other.

Aquarius: Perfect-partner. Never a dull moment!

Pisces:Pisces are sensitive so Aries can be too rash. Although there is caring but your stars are destined for heartache, sorry 🙁

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