You won’t be able to see these 5 superstars in future with WWE

Fans of WWE got a shock earlier when WWE released a major part of the superstars from the game.

Fans of WWE got a shock earlier when WWE released a major part of the superstars from the game.

WWE released a major part of the superstars

However, some of the names deserve the same but, some of them like Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett has been dismissed without any reason or anything else.

It looks realty strangeWWE refreshed the game and entertainment by applying these changes, but what the sources says, is there are some more discharges going to take place.Gossip tells that discharges are on the way and it can take place anytime. Now you have the one and only question in mind. Who is the next?wwe. enewzhubHere we can tell you about the possible names of the stars. Along with it, we can tell you about the reasons which have been investigated so far that why they are getting discharged.Let’s start the countdown:-

Adam Roseyou-wont-be-able-to-see-these-5-superstars-in-future-with-wweIt would not be a matter of surprise if he is going to be released from the WWE.He came into the limelight when WWE presented him as a caring father and a loving husband under its E60 documentary. He got the benefit of it too, however, it became worse when he had to be suspended for breaking the health policies of WWE. health policies of WWE. He made it worst by accepting the allegations that have been charged against him. It didn’t need here, even after this police had to interrupt in between and arrested him for his abusive behavior at Home diving. Still, we hope that he will entertain us anymore, but it all depends on the luck of Rose as it looks very hard for him to continue his career with WWE.

Alicia Fox

Alicia Fox

It really seems strange to get the name of a lady in this rundown. WWE don’t have a lot of resources under the woman session. Some names from the list like Natalya, Becky leech, Sasa banks page and charlotte. Actually, these girls know how to gain publicity among people. They proved themselves as the strongest candidateUnfortunately, Alicia is missing all these. This is the most secured position for her even if she is going to be discharged by WWE session. She can find some other way very easily if the next name in the list which is going to be discharged is her.

Mark Kennedy

Mark KennedyThis looks like the biggest surprise to see this name under any such rundown. He is a faithful and a continuous entertainer under WWE from almost last two decades. He won the matches and created some popular and entertaining incidents with WWE. It is too hard to get one match over TV. If there is any its Fixed Match over a storyline. The reason behind his discharge is the agreement which he has signed earlier. The agreement signed by him was going to be expired now. Rumours states that he is not in a mood to re-establish his agreement anymore. However, it’s not a hard task for any big personality like Kennedy to get something  as an employment somewhere.

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Jack Swagger

Jack Swagger

The association has supported this wrestler, to give an excel to his career. WWE helped him won Money in the bank. Association helped him to become the world heavyweight champion and still trying to push him upwards. However, everything looks in the vein in the matter of Swagger. Jack never utilized the advantages provided to him. He loves to create wounds which have no use. Swagger could not create a strong fan following. So now, he has been reserved just for some random works with WWE. Now it seems like as if, he will no longer exist with WWE.


RybackSince a long time Ryback and WWE are not satisfied with each other. He asked some questions from the authority and was send back to home by authority. The association is now trying to find a chance and waiting for the exact time to take an exact action. It won’t be a matter to be surprised if we get the name of Ryback under next list of the people going to be discharged. He created the public pole through his social networking account. He clearly told that he is not satisfied with the compensation that has been provided by WWE to the wrestlers.