Why HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is Secure

Lets learn HTTPS with fun

Significance of HTTPS. With the knowledge of HTTP and Protocol.

Protocol of computer means set of invisible rules that govern how the internet document gets transmitted to your screen.
Protocol which is commonly seen is (http://) and (https://)

Firstly we need to know what is HTTP and some error ?

HTTP allows web linking and browsing.
*400 Bad Request(In this server not understand the request )
*401 Unauthorized(Need to login with valid username and password)
*403 Forbidden(Pages requested is absolute forbidden )
*404 Not found (Pages not found on the server){Most Popular}
*408 Request Timeout(Need to again reload the page)
*500 Internal server error
*502 Bad gateway(receiving invalid response from the server )
*503 Service unavailable(On the moment service is not available)
*504 Gateway timeout (Timely not response from the server )

A Diagrammatic representation for HTTP is given below which will help you to know about HTTP

1  Mostly website developer use -HTTPS [Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure] instead of -HTTP[ Hyper Text Transfer Protocol]So the first  question  come in your  mind “WHY HTTPS not HTTP

The answer is very simple, Information is safe from the hacker because “CODE” is used on SSC(Secure sockets layers) and it’s also used TLS[Transport Layer Security] Sometimes. A
SIMPLE UNDERSTANDING IS THAT”To save your information from the  middlemen whenever any information is shared by you to any of the servers.


Lets start with what is
HTTPS[Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure]?

HTTPS-Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and HTTP-Hyper text Transfer Protocol
HTTPS is known as the procedure for encrypting the information and then exchanging. Port -443 is used by the website which uses SSL(Secure Socket Layer). TLS and SSC use public key infrastructure. When an HTTPS connection is requested to the web page than website firstly send SSL certificate to your browser. SSL build a secure connection between the browser and the websites. A padlock icon is seen the browser address bar. The address bar will turn green after the installation of the Extended Validation Certificate.

Abbrevation of some protocol-
 *HTTPS- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
 *HTTP-Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
 *SSL-Secure socket layer 
 *TLS- Transport layer security 
 *MAC-Media access transfer protocol
 *DNS-Domain name system protocol 
 *TELNET-Terminal network protocol
 *nntp-network news transfer protocol
 *UDP-User datagram protocol
 *POP- Post office protocol 
 *IMAP-Internet Message access transfer Protocol
 *DHCP-Dynamic host transfer protocol 
 *FTP- File tranfer protocol
 *SMTP-Simple mail transfer protocol
  • Every site depends upon the customer security. So let’s see how HTTPS Coded websites help to our customer.
    *Sites which uses HTTPS customer trust more for purchasing.
    *HTTPS also gives confirmation to the customers that website developer has its own domain
    *Any information shared by customers”For example- Debit card number is encrypted and it can not be intercepted if HTTPS is used.

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