Web hosting is fun and easy to learn

 What is the web hosting –

The web hosting is the process through which the organization and individuals can post a website or web page on internet.Whenever the developer makes a website he wants the visitor people to see it. For this developer need to publish with the web hosting service.  A systematic way to manage the server and software many more for this we need to build a data center from the ground up to serve to the web hosting. The web host also provides space on there server.


Web host


Some web hosting Services-
1. Internet service Provider
2. Free Web Hosting
3. Paid hosting
4. Domain hosting
5. Collocation
6. Direct indirect access


# Now going deeply to the Web Hosting we need to go through various types of hosting.


*Shared hosting*

Shared hosting can be defined as the website is hosted on a server along with customer different website. The main profit of sharing hosting is that it’s cost you cheaper because having your own server is quite costly . The main drawback of shared hosting are performance and security. If you want the access to more security and privacy you should not opt the shared hosting. You must decide your hosting according to your use.

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