Why To Use AMP Testing Tool By Google For Websites?

Accelerated Mobile Page Testing or commonly called AMP Testing is a tool by google to test mobile site speed. As name says, it’s important to have AMP enabled websites as it gives more attraction and better user experience.

On 13th October 2016, the addition of new AMP testing tool in search console was officially announced by Google. Since then, AMP testing tool is the best deciding factor for AMP enabled websites.

announced by Google
announced by Google


Why to Use Google AMP Testing Tool?

People all over the world have gone on mobile.
Now-a-days mobile optimization for websites isn’t enough. Mobile device users spend hours everyday on their mobile devices. They certainly won’t visit websites having slow interface and not finger-friendly.

AMP feeds content through an existing page network that is meant to increase speed and reduce loading time on mobile devices. Every article is viewed through a stripped-down HTML standard page and immediately available to users in a carousel like format.

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SEO Benefits of AMP

AMP pages enrich the mobile user experience hence it is a huge benefit for marketing and SEO.

1. The biggest reason AMP content will get SEO boost is the fact that these pages are available to users on Google News Carousel. Therefore, AMP pages get more attention.

2. Loading time as it is a major deciding factor of SERP Ranking. As mobile users don’t need to wait for long time for a page to load, websites and pages become faster and hence ranking gets higher.

3. Bounce Rate: Speed  will have readers staying on page for longer as well as it will also help reducing bounce rate. While it may not be the most important SEO ranking factor, a low bounce rate helps validate to search engines that website’s pages offer what they say, they say offer and that your audience finds them helpful.