Indian Military came up with Surgical Strike !

Indian Army came up with a Surgical Strike on Terrorist launch pad.

What is a Surgical Strike ?

  • It is a military attack on a specific target.
  • The aim is to do a little or no security damage.
  • Soldiers crosses the border to attack terrorist targets.

A surgical strike is defined as a military attack intended to do damage on a specific target, with little or no security damage and material damage to surrounding areas.

surgical strike
Indian army on a surgical strike

According to Former air chief Fali Homi, surgical strike is a calculated strategy to ensure and deliver maximum damage which will give a big surprise to opponent. He describes the Indian Army’s operation as “well executed, well done”.

Retired Lt General Shankar Prasad told News Channels that a surgical strike is an planed operation that “needs a lot of courage, to carry out”.

“The ground is very tough and the targets keep on moving. It means to carry out an attack and come back without any damage to yourself .

India carried out a Surgical Strike

India has carried out a surgical strikes targeting the “launch pads” for terrorists across the Line of Control (LOC), the Army said on Thursday.

Between midnight and 4.30 am few para commandos of Indian Army attacked seven terrorist areas two kilo meter across the LOC. Indian Army estimated that every launchpad must have 30 to 40 terrorists. The Army said there were huge victim’s of terrorists, their guides and handlers in the launchpad. The attack surprised the terrorist.

Government sources said that their forces have gone into depth and came back successfully before sunrise.

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Many timed India warned Pakistan that he should not let his territory used for the terrorist activities. India had called for an international diplomatic boycott of Pakistan as it kept  and sheltered terrorists on its land. At the United Nations General Assembly, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said Pakistan was a terror state and it need to rein in terror elements.