Sure signs, your loved ones visiting your dreams

We all often dreams when we fall asleep. We see numerous dreams of different kind. Some are scary, some are romantic. But, have we ever thought why do we dream?sure signs that your loved ones visiting you

Well whatever may be the reason behind it, we often see our dead relatives in our dreams, don’t you? We also may encounter our loved ones or a friend who has passed away in the recent times.

Why do we dream?:

Do you have any answer? Well if no then, this question remains a challenge for big scientists too. But we have came across many theories about the same.sure signs that your loved ones visiting you Some people believe that dreams are random and meaningless activities of the sleeping brain. Wile others believe that dreams are important for mental well-being. Experts say it helps to solve problems, memorize and process emotions.

‘Interpretation of Dreams’ by SWigmund Freud:

SWigmund Freud, the father of Psychoanalysis has written a book, ‘Interpretation of Dreams’.sure signs that your loved ones visiting you In this book he has described why we dream and also the4 answer for why do we often encounter some specific people in our dreams. In his theory, Sigmund says that the purpose of dreams is to transform the forbidden wish into a non-threatening form. Which reduces the anxiety of the unconscious mind and allowing us to continue our sleep.

Why do dead people come in our dreams?:

It happens to everyone. We often see our dead loved ones in our dreams. There are many reasons why they come in our dreams. Loved ones in your dreamsThis may happen that they have a message for us, advice, suggestion or a warning. Psychologists also believe that dreams about the dead are also an illustration of depression or a feeling of guilt.


Dreams are the most common way in which the dead loved ones approach us. Often in such kind of dreams, the dead person reassures us that they are ok and still with us.Loved ones in your dreams The visitors in our dream are generally surrounded by some intense bright light with a pleasant smell. Sometimes they give messages or advices which could help us overcome problems and also prevent some mistakes.

Dr. McNamara:

Dr. McNamara has done many researches on dreams, ‘Visitation Dreams’ is one of them.Dr. Patrick McNamara In his theory, he has said that the dreams in which our dead loved ones visits us are very different from other regular dreams. These dreams are very much realistic and one can actually feel the touch and encounter of a dead person. He says that the dream structure was not disorganized or bizarre. Instead, visitation dreams are typically clear, vivid, intense and are experienced as real visits when the dreamer awakens.

More on visits by deceased people…

The famous psychic, Lauri Moore while sharing her experience when people comes to her telling that they had a dream of their loved ones beyond the grave. Lauri MooreShe says that the dead people often come back to show their love and affection to the dreamer.