We all live in world full of problem. And every problem cannot be solved, but they can be made simpler. So here are some simple life changing hacks to make your living easy.

Hurdles in daily life related to daily living annoys us and makes us irritated.
In my everyday life, I used to face a lot of problems related to normal living, like getting messed up with my mobile charger, unable to find the starting point of cello tape and much more related to normal living. Are you facing the same right now? If yes then what are you waiting for here we are with simple hacks to make your living easy.
• Bending charger cable and ultimately breakage?
Charger cables generally break due to bending

Use a spring of your old pen to protect it from bending and ultimately you will save your charger cable from breaking.

charger cable from breaking.

• Do you find your kitchen and bathroom rugs displaced from its original place?
Not to worry at all, try this.

Velcro strips, the best solution to this. Use it to avoid the Rugs getting here and there.

kitchen and bathroom rugs

• Cello tape problem (most irritating)
Whenever we need cello tape we are unable to find its initial position.

We can use paper clips to find its initial. Simple and effective.

Cello tape problem

Beauty of your wall damaged because of hanging:
Everyone wants to decorate his/her house with beautiful hanging and drawing, but while pulling them out wall’s paint also comes out or even bulges out.

Beauty of your wall damaged

Use the painter’s tape first. This will be protected against damage.

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Confused between similar keys?
This one is faced by almost everyone of us, isn’t it?

use nail paints to color them. This will help to distinguish between them. But beware if you are using your girlfriend’s nail paint without asking them, in that case even we cannot help 😉

Confused between similar keys

Collar problem:
Your shirt is all ironed but your collar is not ironed properly.

Well, use a straightener to iron your collar. Opps… forgot to remind you, don’t use your girlfriend’s straightener without asking them or else no one will be able to save you from her.

your collar is not ironedyour collar is not ironedyour collar is not ironed

Living with too much of wires, too messy to arrange them?
Do you have clips? Na.. naa not hair clips. Paper clips?

Well… its time to use them. Use paper clips to organize them and by doing this you will be able to distinguish between them.

• Use of a glass bowl:
When you are in a party mood and there is no amplifier.

Use a glass bowl to amplify the sound of your phone. Don’t believe 😐 ? Try it 🙂

• Dings in your wooden furniture?
What would you do if your guests are at the door and you don’t have time to hide your furniture’s dings?

Dings in your wooden furniture

If you will ask me then you know what I would have done. 🙂 I would have used a walnut to hide it. Rub it and all the dings are gone 🙂

• Problem with zipper……
When Zipper flies down and someone else notices that before you could notice it, total embarrassment.

Put a key ring on the zipper and slip it over the button when you put on pants.


• Fix a door latch:
Many times your door doesn’t latch. Maybe because the latch and the strike plates are a little off.

Fix this up using lipstick and a tape.

• Want to remove carpet dents?
Carpet dents……. here is the way to fix this problem……..

Use a fork to fluff out furniture marks from a carpet.

• Are you in a hotel and forgot to carry your charger?
Well, this happens many times.

T.V has a USB cable, try to connect it with your phone and happy charging 🙂

your phone and happy charging

Hope this article will help to cope up with your daily life problems. When we are here never to fear though we cannot save you from your girlfriend but can help you with other stuff.
HAPPY LIVING and stay connected with us 🙂