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Definition of Search engine,URL, and Steps to submit URL in google and bing

Submit URL to Google and Bing for better Crawling and indexing

google_search_operatorsSEARCH ENGINES

SEARCH ENGINE– A search engine is really a software program to help find information stored on a computer system . Example of search engine are Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc  META SEARCH ENGINE– It does not store an index or cache. It simply uses a result of many search engine to give an approximate final set of result.                                              LOCAL SEARCH ENGINE-It is used for offline or LAN searching.                                BLOG SEARCH ENGINE– It provides result search from blog

(1). Google
(2). BING
(3). Yahoo
(4). Ask.Com
(5). AOL.Com
(6). Baidu
(7). Wolframalpha
(8). Duck Duck go
(9). Internet Archive


What is URL and history of URL?

Tim Berner introduced URL in 1994.URL is a common form of URI.URL is mainly used to locate the address of web document through networking methodologies. For web address URL is another name.

*URL-Uniform Resource Locator
*URI-Uniform Resource Identifier
*URN-Uniform resource name

Parts of URL-

(1). Protocol Identifier
(2). Resource Name{Specifies IP address }


Some type of URL-
(a) Tiny URL
(b) Messy URL
(c) Obfuscated URL
(d) Google URL Shortener
(e) Dynamic URL
(f) PURL
(g) Open URL


Submit URL to Google
Submit URL to Google

How to submit URL to Google-

Firstly go to google home page then type URL- in the URL box make sure that www should be there after that log in your EMAIL. Now enter your URL in URL box given.Finally, you have to prove that you are not ROBOT by verifying the verification asked while submitting your URL

Pointwise description for submission of URL to Google

* Go to Google homepage
* Type URL-
* Enter your Email
* Enter URL in URL box
* Prove that I am not ROBOT(By verifying the verification asked )
* Click on submit request

Process to submit URL to BING-

Submit URL to BING

Open then type after that type your URL homepage in the URL box finally enter the verification character in the space provided.Therefore request was successfully submitted.

Pointwise description for submission of URL to BING.Com-

* Open
* Type
* Enter your homepage URL in the URL box
* Enter the verification character in verification box
* Your request was successfully submitted.

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