Pokémon GO an android game is now with power saver mode Download link added.

Pokemon Go Download Link


Love Pokémon, but phone’s battery always low to catch ’em all? Features like the GPS tracker and the camera use a lot of your phone’s precious battery. However, you might not have noticed that the game has a power saver feature that will save you precious battery.

When you click on the Pokéball, a settings menu will show on the top right. Click on the settings wheel and select low power mode. Now, when you go hunting and point your phone downwards, the screen will darken. Turning off your AR camera will also help conserve your battery.

Pokémon GO made an official announcement for launch of the game in UK and Germany, in a tweet. “UK Trainers, the wait is over. #PokémonGO is now officially available to be installed from Google Play or iTunes,” the tweet reads.

Pokémon GO was only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand until now. But everyone is playing Pokémon GO thanks to switching App Stores on iOS, APK files on Androids and other tricks.

Pokémon GO is a game that uses augmented reality and geo-positioning on a smartphone and players will see Pokémon appear on their smartphone camera, as though it is right there in front of them.

Within just days of the launch, the game looks set to beat established social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Tinder, etc in the US.

Pokemon Go Download Link