What did P v Sindhu and Sakshi Mallik got after winning the Medals

What did P v Sindhu and Sakshi Mallik  get after winning the  Medals


Two daughters from the country, who made the India proud in Rio Olympic 2016, by winning medals for the country. P v Sindhu and Sakshi Mallick has a lot of gift and rewards from different organisations and authorities. Recently Telangana government announced a reward of rs. 1 crore for Sindhu. However, whatever the amount is of the reward, it is negligible in front of the works the girls have done for the country. If we consider their age, Sindhu is of 21 while Sakshi is of 23.

the work that had been made possible by these girls.

Let’s take a look what gifts the girls are going to get by the country for their prestigious works,


A luxurious BMW

Mr. V. Chamundeswaranath, president of Hyderabad District badminton association has announced to gift a brand new BMW car to P V Sindhu. The Same gist had given by him to Saina Nehwal when she got a Bronze in London Olympic in 2012. By the way, this is just the beginning.

Meanwhile, All India Football federation decided to reward with 5 lakh rs. For each player.

gift a brand new BMW car to P V Sindhu

Rewards from Delhi Government

Delhi Government has announced to provide one crore rs. To Sakshi as a reward. Along with it, her father got a promotion too, who had been working under Delhi transport Corporation.

Delhi Government has announced to provide one crore

What Sindhu got

Telangana government has announced  to give 5 crore rs as a reward  for the marvelous work in Olympics, a one thousand  square yard of land has also been offered by the government to Sindhu. Whereas Andhra Pradesh government has decided to give three crore rs of cash and a 1000 square yard of house site. She has also been offered a group 1 officer post by the state government of Andhra Pradesh.

 the marvellous work in Olympics

Let’s see what is in Sakshi’s pocket

Sakshi is also a railway employee and her employers had decided to welcome back in India with a gift amount of rs 60 lakh for the bronze she is bringing for the country. A reward of rs 20 lakh is also waiting for her by sport’s ministry’s special Award Scheme. In between Haryana government has decided to Honor her daughter with a reward of 2.5 crores.

P v Sindhu and Sakshi Mallik

Coach can’t be missed out

When we talk about the beautiful performances of the player in any such tournament, this is not at all fare not to talk about the teachers or the coach who  make them win the medal or to give their best even in the most critical position. Here also Mr Pullela Gopichand been announced to get a reward of rs 10 lakh by the badminton Association of India. Hats off to such teachers.

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By all of such awarded and rewarded nation want to show the respect towards the great work they have done. However the greater the amount it will always be less than the greatness of the work that had been made possible by these girls. The Love and affection of the countrymen are actually the biggest rewards for the  daughters of  the nation .