The Originals is a supernatural American drama series. It is basically about vampireswitcheswerewolves and the hybrids (power of vampires as well as a werewolf). The New Orleans is its location for shooting. The Mikaelson family (the original vampires) build the New Orleans.

The Originals Episode 12-14

About Season 1:

In this season, Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), and Rebekah (Claire Holt) are in focus. They find Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) pregnant with Klaus’s child. They return to find Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), who is leading the city. The family decides to take back their city.

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“Dance Back from the Grave” (Episode 12):

Papa Tunde has issues with The Originals because of their past. He returns to New Orleans. He meets them there. Tunde attacks Rebekah and channels her energy. He created a spellbound circle inside which no one can enter.


Marcel tells Cami how Klaus tortured Tunde before killing him. Elijah worries about Rebekah. He goes after her traces and Hayley comes along with him. They find her lying on the floor inside Tunde’s spell circle. He can’t enter the circle to save her. He learns from Sophie that Rebekah will be safe only by breaking the spell with Hayley’s blood (from the baby who is one-quarter a witch). At the end, Tunde gives his life to Sabina to give her more power to defeat Klaus.

“Crescent City” (Episode 13):

Marcel is angry with Niklaus. He refuses to help Niklaus. Rebekah comes back but she is still in danger. Elijah gets this information. He and Hayley come out to find her. Camille talks about her problems with Marcel.

The Originals Episode 13 photo

Climax, Niklaus faces his most powerful foe. one that has an unprecedented advantage over him. Whilst, Sophie is stunted for her departure.

“Long Way Back from Hell” (Episode 14):

Back in 1919, Marcel and Rebekah Loves each other. They promise that they will keep their love forever above all conditions. Rebekah works as a nurse. She befriends with Genevieve (a witch) also Clara Summerlin (Celeste). Clara uses Genevieve to bring back Rebekah’s father — Mikael who can kill Klaus.However when Rebekah attacks Genevieve, Clara oversees and Rebekah both infected them with the contagious bloody cloth, leaving them to die desperately. In the present, Genevieve reveals to Klaus about the betrayal of Marcel and Rebekah. Hayley, on the other hand, is on a mission of her own as she attacks Celeste and is looking for answers. Finally, when Klaus is freed and is on his way to punish Rebekah for her betrayal, Elijah comes in time to save both her and Marcel.

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