OMG!!!! PAYTM got hacked…..

Nowadays PAYTM has become like our family member. In fact, it is like our best half, isn’t it?

paytm got hacked

But what if our lovely PAYTM app got hacked?:

Ladies and gentlemen, you all will be shocked to hear this news which we are going to share with you all. The fear of our PAYTM id’s getting hacked became true. yes The PAYTM id’s of many customers has been hacked.
Yes, you read me right the PAYTM id’s of many customers has been hacked. Some of the id’s of PAYTM customers have been hacked as per rumors till now about 2.5 lakh id’s . Who did this? How was it done? Till now nobody knows anything more regarding this.
paytm got hacked
According to the reporters, the hackers were able to obtain the admin rights to the portal. So, by this, they were able to bypass the payment gateway page.

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Therefore, whenever users did a recharge or any purchase order was placed then these hackers sent the top up amount to the respective users.

paytm got hacked
One side the demonetization, and now this PAYTM got hacked. From our past few days, or I should be more precise from 8th November, our country is facing the shortage of currency. And then in West Bengal, there was a rumor that 10 rupees coin is not acceptable.
These two have created a lot of tension in the environment. so now, We need to carry our money in cash. Adding up to these two, now comes hacking of the PAYTM id’s.

So, dear hurry up to delete all your card details from your PAYTM app.

In hope…