Maximum Ad Sense Ad Units a page should have ! :O X)

Google AdSense (till the date) pays the best for its advertisement.


It is very much important to look after AdSense’s quality and system rules should be kept in mind. With few measures you can earn much high.

What happens when you don’t follow the rules and decorum of google AdSense ?

This will lead you to the permanently block of your AdSense account.

google banned

Google AdSense offers various sorts of promotions on the basis of three things !

  • Content Unit
  • Link Unit
  • AdSense For Search

What happened earlier is that,

AdSense use to serve 3 promotion units only (while premium members enjoyed up to 6 advertisement units). but, In August 2016, AdSense lifted the promotion unit limit for each site.


You likewise need to keep up the nature of your site.


AdSense Content Units are available in many sizes but I have observed 336*280 and 160*600 to be the best. You can likewise utilize promotions from different distributor’s IDs.

coming back to my previous question, 

What is the of AdSense advertisements would you be able to put on a page?

=>  As said above, Google has lifted the point of confinement limitations. It’s important to note that while picking the quantity of advertisements, you ought to consider the short posts on your website.

I recommend you keep under 5 advertisements for every page and for the most part stick to 3 or 4.

According to few successful people’s experience:

Once in a while 2 promotion units perform superior to anything 3 advertisement units.Setting advertisements over the fold yields better results. picture + content advertisement perform better.

There are a wide range of alternatives accessible for the situation of promotions, yet I very prescribe utilizing a base measure of advertisement units or using adverts just at the base or on the sidebar.


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