M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story ,Finally Released !

MS Dhoni: The Untold Story is released

Film MS Dhoni: The Untold Story is finally in the theater. Fans of the film has waited a long time for the movie to be released. The film is about the things that you do not about Dhoni. Its about his personal life. Dhoni’s fans , cricket lovers and movie lovers are very excited to see this movie. Happiness is showing up on everyone’s face. Sushant Singh Rajput had done a hard and remarkable work to make this movie a success. We Just have to wait a bit more for the movie review.


What is so interesting about the movie ?

Peoples who are watching the movie will get to know how the life of celebrities are. Celebrities struggle in there life to make it a success. People already liked the songs of the film. Music of the film is by far better to ears. Many viewers are excited to know about this Untold Story.  After all, people are watching their glittering careers for last 10 years.


Many people don’t know about Dhoni’s first girlfriend Priyanka Jha, who unfortunately passed away in a car accident. This movie will give you a knowledge about the sentimental side of this astonishing sportsman. This movie discusses Dhoni’s significance about Sakshi and how he met her interestingly.

MS Dhoni with Sakhshi
MS Dhoni with Sakhshi

We all still get goosebumps when we see the last six hit by Dhoni that made India the World Champions in 2011. The scene has been recreated and it gives the same feeling when Sushant will repeat the unforgettable deed.

dhoni with sushant
Sushant took the role of ms Dhoni in the movie

The biopic film actor Anupam Kher is proud to be part of “M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story”. He said that the film is about the faith of the youth of small towns. Anupam Kher is playing the role of Dhoni’s father in the film. Sushant Singh Rajput played Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s role in the movie. This movie is largely filmed in Ranchi and also in many place across the country.

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