Why do love marriages seem to fail more than Arrange Marriages in India?

Why do love marriages seem to fail more than Arrange Marriages in India?

it’s a happy life

The answer to this totally depends on how the relationship carries on. Is it that both of you are on a verge of divorce or being unhappy while doing all the duties just for a formality? I have noted down some reasons why to arrange marriages are not unsuccessful as compared to love marriages. It’s just on the basis of various situations that our society suffers from. Some of the reasons are as follows :

Why do love marriages seem to fail more than Arrange

  • In Love marriages, the couple chooses one another by knowing all the good and bad sides. They have high expectations towards each other which when hampered leads to arguments and leads to abrupt decisions. Whereas Arrange Marriages comes with low expectations as they hardly know each other. If you don’t have any expectations, then nothing actually matters in a relationship to be cared of. There are lots of compromises but at the end, it’s a happy life.

In Love marriages

  • Arrange Marriage comes with the togetherness of two families. The problem in a relationship extends to their families. Thus, ends in a peaceful way most probably as the society is what the parents care for. Whereas in love marriage, the couple has the liberty to take their own decisions as they chose without anyone’s concern.

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  • The mindset of an arrange married couple is that they have to spend their life together no matter what happens. They try to cope up in all possible ways which sometimes gives a big happiness to the whole family and sometimes to a big disappointment. Love marriage divorces with one another’s will. No one interferes in between.

 love marriages & Arrange Marriages

  • Love marriage comes with openness where sharing problems is not an issue whereas arrange married couples hardly get that intense where one can trust another that he/she would understand the problems. It’s the culture and society that teach and forbid asking questions.

These points give a vivid description of actually what love and arrange marriage is and under what circumstances arrange marriage becomes successful. Above all, feelings are necessary which is the key ingredient in a marriage.