An announcement of jio which changed the future of India.

Here we got the exact date of launching of Jio in India by reliance group.

Muskesh Ambani truly changed the view of using cellular services with this new launch. It is considered by tech expert as a digital revolution of launching the product. Reliance jio was officially launched on 5th of September. It has become the most used brand for the young generation and considered as no. 1 telecom company in IndiaReliance Jio has been launched as Reliance AGM.

Reliance launched jio

Let’s find out the key features of the product

Jio avails benefit to maximum of people.

It is available for everyone from 5th of sep onwards. You will not pay any charges for the voice call and messages. However, Data will be chargeable. This offer will be available to all until last month of the year.

A step towards digital India

Jio A Step Towards Digital India

This project is totally dedicated to Digital India. Also it is totally made by Indian products. To give excel to India in the field of information and technology.

Most convenient telecom service of the world

Reliance Jio At Cheapest Rate

It is unique than any other telecom service in the world. Till date, you had to pay for all the things like data, voice calls and messaging. Now jio has come with a different provides you to pay just for one service and let other use  absolutely free. You are not paying even a single penny for your voice calls and just to pay for the data. Ambani spoke about it under his historical speech, “The era of paying  for voice calls is ending. Jio will usher India into the new era.”

It is exclusive

Jio services are not only gnomically beneficial, thus it makes you more updated with the exclusive jio apps. Now you can gain access towards the world of apps and other features that let you choose the entertainment you need with just a single click.

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A new challenge for other telecom operators

A new challenge for other telecom operatorsIt has become a big challenge for others telecom operators. Sources say that with the announcement of jio telecom services. Airtel lost an amount of Rs 9800 crores and idea lost a business of approx. 2450 crore through various business perspective.

Find it everywhere

Jio network is available in most of the cities of India. Furthermore, it is on the way towards capturing 18000 cities and towns and more than 2 lakh villages under its network. As a result, 90 percent population of the country will be within the reach of Jio network by March, 2017.

A new platform for entrepreneurs

A new platform for entrepreneurs

It has some future plans to get connected with the entrepreneurs across the country, to provide them a platform where they can present their digital ventures and can gain success and fame through the help of jio.

So, these are the key features and future goals of jio networks. However, The country has more expectations from it. So, the Team will launch more offers and products soon.