India’s NSG team going to Dhaka to analyze the terror attacks

visit of NSG team has also been approved by Dhaka's Special Forces Establishment

le in Bangladesh after attack
People in Bangladesh after attack

With India and Bangladesh regularly cooperating with each other on anti-terror related matters, a special team of National Security Guards (NSG) will be travelling to Bangladesh on Friday to ‘analyze and study’ the two attacks that took place in the neighboring country in last one week.

Sources said that a four member team, reportedly led by a Lt Colonel rank officer of NSG, will visit Bangladesh and has been given permission by ministry of external affairs.

The team will visit the sports where two terror attacks took place and study the explosives used in the attack apart from gathering other details. The visit of NSG team has also been approved by Dhaka’s Special Forces Establishment, said sources.

NSG has a unique National Bomb Data Centre (NBDC) which is assigned an important national role of monitoring, recording and analysing all bombing incidents in the country.

It is also one of its kind institutions in the country, which not only monitors all bombing IED related incidents, within the country, but also records and analyses the salient ones across the world to draw out appropriate lessons in own context. The knowledge is then passed on to or shared with the relevant security agencies on as required basis, said officials.

The NSG team, which will have experts on post-blast analysis and counter-terror operations, will study the July 1 incident where terrorists laid siege at a bakery and killed 22 and also analyse Thursday’s bombings in Kishoreganj area in Bangladesh.

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Sources said NSG wanted to study the scenario, in coordination with their Bangladeshi counterparts, as getting an insight into them will not only enhance counter-terror cooperation between the two neighbours but also add value to the operations knowledge of the elite commando Force.

NSG is the federal counter-terror and counter-hijack commando action force of the country that was raised in 1984.

The team, it is understood, will be in Dhaka over the coming weekend and will gather leads for “analysis and study” of the two terror incidents.

Officials said NSG teams have traveled to some other friendly countries in the past as part of their charter to effectively prepare against terrorist incidents.