Virtuality  and reality.

Before I start the concept of  virtuality and reality. I would like to say that this article is not all related to technical meaning it’s completely related to social lifestyle. How we dream about the immense life and what we achieve in real life. This article does not mean that we don’t have rights to see the dream and go for it.This article is mirror face of the real world instead of the imagination of virtual thing. With some sort example, I will co relate the thing from the virtual to the real one. So lets start what does both word in layman language.

virtual and real
virtual and real

Virtuality-Existing in the  mind especially as a product of imagination.

Reality– Which is observed and seen or feel .

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Co- relating the relation of parents and child in virtual and real sense.

When an infant takes birth the parents start dreaming that the baby child will make the life full of blossoms. But they really don’t know what nature has decided for that baby either that is going to make parents feel proud or that child is going to ruin the life of the parents. And even no one knows what’s is the life spam of that child. Dreaming of the future is the virtual imagination of parents and child is going to give output is the reality. If the same child goes on the path what the guardian and parents guides and achieve the thing than the virtuality converts into reality and if the opposite happen than the reality is the baddest part of virtuality. I can’t stop in this situation as I mentioned above if the child accidentally or medically doesn’t have the life spam than neither the virtual nor the real existence can be found

so the decider is nature not we can only walk through the lane to make the virtual imagination in reality. Don’t wait for the destiny go on moving with all your effort to make the virtual thinking into real and than see the reality is how much stunning.

Co- relating the relation of boyfriends and girlfriends in virtual and real sense.

virtual and real

Now days it’s a common to be in relation at any instance because of attraction or any hidden purpose. None of them is aware of virtual nature of the boy or girl. In real girl is on the other track or the boy in other track. The one who is in real love he/she imagine lots and lots regarding the relation. But the one who is just playing a game of love is laughing at different platforms. The reality is not actual clear in now relation.

But the who want to achieve his/her partner in reality in can just shape the one who is showing the virtual nature by just keeping care and loving that person. By making him/her realize that virtual thing gives pain and real things give a bucket of roses with no thrones in it.