HINKLEY NUCLEAR PROJECT: Priceless or Worthless?

Hinkley Nuclear Project is going forward even when it is not going to provide enough energy as expected.

HINKLEY NUCLEAR PROJECT: Priceless or Worthless?


Once again the Hinkley point nuclear project is in the limelight as the date of its launching is getting closer. Along with it the discussions about the project have also started.

It is not long ago when everyone was thinking that nuclear power is the best source of generating renewable energy. But now the scene has changed by some of the more common sources of such energy. New inventions have been made and projects are getting launched that are economically more cost efficient and hygienic for the environment. Let’s take an example of a cheap lithium air batteries. These provide a better durability with lesser price and lesser pollution than the lithium ion batteries. Li-ion batteries are the most common type of batteries we are using nowadays. These batteries are normally used with our phones and other gadgets. These batteries would have the capacity to store five times more energy than the present one.

Hinkley Pointless

Hinkley Nuclear Project is going forward even when it is not going to provide enough energy as expected. Some say that it is taking progress just because of the capital of 8.5 million Euro that company has invested in this project. However, a procedure of producing energy from the renewables like wind and solar power is far cheaper and safer. Thus, this has a strong reason to invest the money in this type of sources. Unfortunately, it has not been concerned so far. Mr. Jeremy Leggett, a founder of Solarcentury, says that had it been promoted, UK would have reached the goal of 100% independence in the field of renewable energy.

a founder of Solarcentury

There are more than 1000 big cities and 60 corporations around the world that have understood the importance of renewable sources. That’s why they have committed to being dependent on the renewable energy totally. Looks a little strange, but the Portugal proved that it looks strange but not impossible. As it was running totally over the energy of air, solar and hydropower for four days in the month of May. In the same month, Britain published the news that they have produced more electricity through solar power than the coal-fired stations. Brussels is producing wind energy of approx. 430 gigawatts, whereas it was 382 gigawatts from the nuclear resources.

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the renewable energy totally

Mr. Pauldorfman, a senior researcher at the Energy Institute of University College, London, says that Hinkley will not be helpful to fill up the gap of the issue of electricity in the UK. As well as it will not be able to complete its commitment regarding the pollution and carbon emissions. It has used a lot of time and money.


Economists along with researchers believe that the efforts of Hinkley are useless, in regard of UK electricity needs. A certain tagline has become famous which is “Hinkley Pointless”. It points out the worthless efforts of Hinkley as they have set aside the renewable resources to solve this electricity issue. But there are some different views too. These views state that issues can’t be resolved just by renewable or just by nuclear. Tom Great, Chief Executive of Nuclear Industry Association, says the same. He says that to fill up with the needs we should try to use both renewables and nuclear energy together. Hinkley has committed to supply the seven percent of the total needs of UK and is on the way to make it double till mid-2020’s.