Splitsvilla 8 contentant Gaurav Arora turned into Gauri Arora

But he (she) trusts that the best thing is that if we live like the way we want to then our life will be awesome. gaurav-and-gauri-aroraAlso, he feels that life is too short for us to think about our society. What our society thinks that does not matter much what matters is the way we want to live.gaurav-and-gauri-arora

For him, no one matters not a single person. He says that no one can dominate him not even a single person. gaurav-arora-is-now-gauri-aroraGaurav Arora now turned into Gauri Arora “yea let me tell you one thing who all comments shit on my pics you just need my attention anyways it’s all right God bless you all? comment shit or not nothing bothers me I don’t live my life according to your comments!!!! Cheers.”gaurav-arora-is-now-gauri-arora