Famous athletes having h@t daughters

Do you know there are many famous athlete’s daughter who are more popular for her looks then the popularity of being an athlete’s daughter. They have made their own place and fame in the world on their own.
These women despite being an athlete, they are a model and have a great brain and determination along with their looks.

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1. Kendall Jenner (Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner)


Dear if you don’t know who Kendall Jenner is then you are living under a rock. She is the daughter of Olympian Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. Kendall Jenner is also known as the half sister of Kim Kardashian. She made her debut on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. And you know what When the show aired then Kendall realized that she wanted to become a model.

2. Paulina Gretzky (Wayne Gretzky)


Wayne Gretzky is a hockey legend also he has a beautiful daughter Paulina Gretzky. Paulina has done many films such as Grown Ups 2, In God We Trust, Alpha Dog and Fame. When she was single she was linked with many men, but now she gave her heart belongs to fiancé Dustin Johnson.

3. Angela Rypien (Mark Rypien)


All over Instagram, you will easily get to see her sexy pictures. And she is hot isn’t she? Angela is the daughter of former Super Bowl winning quarterback Mark Rypien. There are many people who don’t like her but she don’t care about them.

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