Electric Vehicles….. You must know.

Electric Vehicles….. You must know.


CAR…….Wow… I love them, specially ELECTRIC CARS…. ;). Don’t you? Though I don’t own any one of them still…. Love is Love, we all car lovers can very well understand our love for them, isn’t it? But I’ll buy one within this year, what about you?


Cars are not only the field in which transformation is being done. Trains, buses, trams, trucks, planes, in these fields also transformation is being and electric motors are being used. There are numerous advantages of having an electric car.



Feel proud because these electric cars cause less harm to our environment. Also, they have the potential saving that can be made. That is the reason why more and more people are preferring these cars. The statistics have shown that the rate of Electric car buying is increasing day by day and if this rate continues to increase at this rate then in no time these Electric cars will hold a majority on roads like normal cars.



Stay relaxed because these cars require less care and maintenance. Maintenance cost is too low as their parts go wrong very less. Also, they do not require any oil changing or replacement of any fan belts or spark plugs frequently like others.



Electric vehicles, their breaks are known to last long. Do you want to know the reason behind it? Here it goes…..The Electric vehicle engines, rather than applying force to stop the car slow the car down by reversing the electric motor.



The batteries in an electric vehicle are very durable with both Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt offering eight year/100,000 mile warranties. This is not the end of their advantages, wait…. wait….. there are many more of them, at first take the bliss of these three advantages 🙂



Have you ever heard of charging a car’s battery at home? NO….. But this electric car has the facility to be able to be charged at our home. You don’t even need to get an at-home charging station,…… not required by this electric car. And even if you want to replace the batteries then you will find them at a very down price. Now featuring so many advantages can at least bear one downfall, isn’t it? 😐 The batteries could lose around 20% efficiency at around 100,000, but by the time this will happen and you will need to replace the batteries, the batteries will cost you a minimal price.



So, the main reason behind the increase in the rate of selling of these electric cars is because of their down to cost also because of environment issues as it causes less harm to the environment.Ask your question about ‘ Although electric vehicles are not pure clean since the electricity which they use is being produced by a power plant that releases lots of harmful gases which includes greenhouse gases such as, carbon mono-oxides, peroxides, CFC’s etc.’.

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So, with all these features in your mind, are you now ready to go for it? Well….. I am ready to go for this and only this 🙂

Hope you find this article interesting and knowledgeable. Stay connected with us 🙂