Real Dinosaur footprint Spotted in Gobi Desert :O :O :O

What do we mean by saying a Dinosaur ?

Dinosaur initially showed up around 230 million years ago. They governed the Earth for around 135 million years until an extinction event 65 million years back wiped out everything except bird like dinosaurs. Researchers have not got on to what happened exactly to them. The extinction likely was due to falling asteroid, harmful chemicals from ejecting volcanoes, environmental change and there can be different elements. No one yet got to the exact reason of there depletion from earth. Research is yet going on this issue.


Horizon Dinosaurs

what is in the news about them ?

A large footprint of a dinosaur is recorded and uncovered in the Gobi Desert. It gives a new piece of information about the giant animals that moved on the earth millions of years ago. A joint Mongolian-Japanese endeavor found the giant print, which measures 106 centimeters (42 inches) long and 77 centimeters wide. One of a few impressions found in the immense Mongolian leave, the enormous fossil came to contrast a month ago. It is founded in a geologic layer, shaped between 70 million and 90 million years ago.

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The sand streamed into scratches that had been left by the animal stepping on the once sloppy ground is the reason of this footprint.

The foot print is accepted to have had a place with Titanosaur, a since quite a while ago necked dinosaur, and could have been more than 30 meters in length and 20 meters tall, concurring analysts.



Okayama University of Science issued an announcement. According to announcement, this is an exceptionally uncommon disclosure as it’s an all around safeguarded fossil impression. It is more than a meter long with engravings of its paws.

Mongolian Academy of Science involves other Japanese colleges for study and also for research.

research on diano

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