When any bigger health issue hits


Critical Sickness Medical INSURANCE Plan can help you in Unexpected accidents or events. And we all know Unexpected accidents or events and expenses can knock your door anytime.

 Critical Sickness Medical INSURANCE PlanWhen any bigger health issue hits, this not only means that you will require a large sum of money but also it creates a lot of pressure on family members to manage their daily living along with the patient’s expenses. We all know life has no fixed plans and preparation. So, why letting your life play with your health along with your family’s future?

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Example :-

acute Kidney failure

For an example let us consider Raghav Sharma (Any name ). he is a 30-year-old, an IT professional from Hyderabad recently found out that he is suffering from acute Kidney failure. This acute suffering requires dialysis which will be followed by a transplantation. He is the only earning person of the family,  he is the only person who bears the expenses of his family comprising of five members, he himself, his wife (Mrs. Sunita Sharma[name changed]), his old weak parents and his daughter who is 3 years old. He also took a car loan and home loan of Rs. 2 lakh and Rs. 50 lakh respectively, for which he is paying Rs. 52K per month as an EMI.

During the months of his transplantation

During the months of his transplantation, Raghav needed 6 months leave from his work.Though his corporate insurance took all the expenses of his hospitality charges including hospital bills, medicine bills, dialysis and transplantation costs also but the loss of income was a great hit which blown the entire family. Raghav and his wife decided to liquidate their savings money and their investments to meet daily expenses and other heavy expenses like their EMI and daughter’s school fees.

only cover hospitalization expense

The situation which Raghav and is wife faced is not uncommon and can occur to anyone. So, in order to avoid this type of situation, “CRITICAL SICKNESS MEDICAL INSURANCE” is the key. It will not only cover hospitalization expense but also provide you with an adequate sum of money as compensation which will help you to meet your  expenses like child’s school fees, credit card payment, car and house EMI’s and much more.


Here are the suggestions which will help you to cope up with these situations:

1) Go for a CRITICAL SICKNESS MEDICAL INSURANCE PLAN, so that any long or short-term medical issue will not cause any bigger impact on your daily living standard and your family.

2) Try saving an amount of your earning every month in the time of need for any medical issue. This will help you a lot to cope up with the situation.

3) Allocate your assets like (a piece of land and gold ) keeping in mind their rates and demands. Do not indulge yourself with risky assets.

4) Buy shares in the share market after analyzing its rate and it’s risk.

When any bigger health issue hits

Health is your greatest wealth. So, your health comes first, assure yourself  with CRITICAL SICKNESS MEDICAL INSURANCE PLAN and live happily ever after. Stay connected with us. Happy living 🙂