Can a boy and a girl be just friends?

A boy and girl can be best friends?

Can a boy and a girl be just friends?

a boy and a girl best friends

Can a boy and a girl be just friends? this question comes always in mind and there are many reasons behind it.

It is really very hard for anyone to accept a boy and a girl just as a friend. Even after this if someone is stating this, it can’t be accepted too easily by anyone. There is something that makes the things different between a boy and a girl.

Can a boy and a girl be just friends

let’s discuss the reasons that why the persons with opposite can’t be just friends. There are some complications in such relationship which Is really very rare. Check out the reasons that why they can’t be just friends.

Feelings from a single side :

The friend with whom you feel free to go anytime and anywhere, you love to talk with one for hours without caring what time the clock says. This makes a reason for the beginning of a relationship which is more than just friends. However, it normally starts with either of the sides and being carried under the heart only for a long time.

Feelings from a single side

When it gets complicated :

If the feelings are from both sides, it is not too hard to understand. But there is a kind of ego or a hesitation that creates a hurdle. Both can understand the feelings of each other but it’s really very hard to start a relationship by accepting the same.

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Now together on society :

You love to go outside for a holiday or just to spend a fun time with each other. Then there are no complications that are rest for your relationship. It clearly tells everything about your relationship that you can’t remain as just friends.

When it gets complicatedTo make it easy be practical and try to avoid any such complications.

But it is not that easy that can be expected

end of friendshipNow it depends on all over you, whether you continue with it or just to get rid of all if it. Whatever your decision is, it should not affect your life. Be practical with the thoughts and try to create the happiness within relationships.