Basic SEO/SEO Services and Seo Companies

Hello, Friends! welcome back to our website. Here you will get all types of technology hacks and tricks. Today we are going to discuss Basic SEO/SEO Services and Seo Companies. Before understanding the concept of SEO, we have to understand the platforms we needed for doing SEO. So guys as we know that nowadays the internet is going trendy all around the world. There are many social sites available on the internet. Many of people are doing online Social Media Marketing to extend their businesses. There are a lot of Social Media Platforms available on the internet. Where we can post our content to get traffic and earn money or advertise any of our products. Below we have mentioned some Popular Social Media Platforms where we can get a huge amount of audience. Like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Bing, Google+, Linkedin etc.

Above are some examples of Social Media Platforms. But Now we are going to discuss SEO Techniques. So basically, Seo can be Defined as the Search Engine Optimisation. 

SEO is defined as the facts, tacts or methods to increase traffic on our website. Also with the help of SEO we can easily rank our website to biggest search engines over the internet such as Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia etc.

There are three types of SEO by which we can rank our website on the internet’s largest search engines. We have created a list of types of Seo that are discussed below:

1. Organic SEO: Organic Search Engine Optimisation can be defined as the technique to rank our website on Google and search engines freely or unpaid.

2. White Hat SEO: White hat Seo can be defined as the technique which follows all rule and conditions also it focuses on a human audience opposed to search engines.

3. Black Hat SEO: Blackhat SEO never obeys search engine rules and guidelines also this type of SEO does not depend upon human audiences.

What are SEO Services?

SEO Services are the Service Providers. Who provides the services to increase traffic on our websites also they help us to rank our website worldwide. They are also defined as the paid service providers who give us audiences to extend our business or websites on the search engines.

How can we do Basic SEO?

If you want to promote your website and want to get huge traffic on it to earn much money then you must use some basic SEO Techniques to increase users of your website or to rank your website on the search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube etc. For this purpose follow below steps to do basic SEO on your website content:

  1. Always use most relevant Keywords of your content. Keywords are the main topic or base of any post or content.
  2. Always try to improve the quality of your content. Add some pictures or videos to improve its quality. Also, you can use tags in your posts.
  3. Always try to post the content which may easily attract the users. So try to focus on user experiences.
  4. Your site must be of good speed. Every content should be open only in few of seconds.
  5. Always use SSL certification to your website to secure it.
  6. Always try to highlight the main keywords with the help of bold and italic feature.

Best SEO Companies

If you want to rank your website and to get a huge amount of traffic on it, then you may choose SEO service providers of the good and trustable company. Below are some best SEO companies of India. Let’s check them out:

  1. SEO.IN, Gurgaon
  2. SEOValley Solutions Private Limited, Bhopal
  3. Page Traffic, Nehru Place India
  4. SeoTonic Web Solutions Private Ltd, Bhopal
  5. AGT India, Coimbatore


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