Aliens tried to contact Earth…

Well, we all have heard about ALIENS, isn’t it? So what do you think?

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Historical Events that prove the existence of Aliens:

1)Napoleon’s Micro-chip: From the skeletal remains of once French ruler Napoleon Bonaparte , Scientists found a small foreign chip embedded within his skeleton. However, that time it wasn’t invented.This created suspicion over Bonaparte’s own story of getting kidnapped.

Does alien exist or not?


  2)Wow Signal :Researchers of Ohio State University received a signal coming from nearly 200 million light years away from that too was so strong.

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  3)Mars’s Methane: Group of Scientists reported massively high amounts of methane within the atmosphere of Mars. Methane on Earth is created by living organisms. So something is there….

Does alien exist or not?

  4)Call Back Radio Signals:Radio Waves are frequently sent out to space to discover the other life. Scientists examined a series of waves and found that one signal, in particular, was getting stronger.So maybe they are finally calling back.

Does alien exist or not?

Traces of Aliens:

1)In 2007: On October 29, a fast moving object was spotted at 30° in the eastern horizon at Eastern Calcutta between 3:30 and 6:30 am.

2)In 2013 : Residents of Chennai observed some orange light spikes moving from south to north at 8:50pm on 20 June.

Does alien exist or not?

  3)In 2015:A schoolboy claimed to have captured the photographs of UFO from his rooftop in Shyamnagar ,Kanpur.

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