Now days everyone businessman is busy in expanding there business in different manner.Advertisement is the bestway to convey there product detail in the market. So the one who launch there new product has to advertise and pay the one who gives space for the advertisement .

This trend is also followed by the website devloper they are curious to get advertisement on there webpage.

Lets make its easy and try to earn more -:

Use different ad’s location /placement-

Try  to increase CTR(Click through rate )for ad unit link. Link your downloading button to to the advertiser link .But it need to be take cared that the visitor won’t get confused in the original download  link and virtual download link button. Try to increase the traffic.

Targeting the advertisement –Use proper banner for targeting the advertisement. Try to increase visitor on your website to gain the advertisement. There should be the boundation of trust between the website developer and visitor. Advertising is priced on supply and demand.

The method for pricing advertising.
(1) C P M-cost per thousand viewers.
(2) C P C- Cost per click
(3) P P C-Pay per click
(4) C P A-Cost per action
Some time pay for advertising to get people on to your site.Some popular ads are (google text ads or display ads)
Standard size of advertising-
(a)Medium rectangle(300*250)
(b) Rectangle(180*150)
(c) Leaderboard(728*90)
(d) Skyscraper(160*600)
(e) Half page ad(300*600)
(f) Button2(120*60)
(g) Micro bar(88*31)


Google provides an advertising placement services as google adsense. To use google adsense  user need to create an account on  google adsense . user need to create a account  on google adsense and copy and paste provide code to display ads. Webpage and RSS feed is some of the platform of google adsense.As google owned the google adsense it generate large part of google income. Adsense basically work with EPC(earning per click) and CPC (Cost per click). At time 3 adsense unit can be shown on given webpage. Don’t  ever click on your own ads. Attention should be pay on adclick. It Is mandatory don’t use more than three ad block on a single webpage . Google currently shares 68% revenue generated by adsense with content network partner  and  51% of revenue generated by adsense with adsenSe for search partner.

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