Recently Goa Police Arrested A Famous Bollywood And TV Actress For Spreading Prostitution.


Many of the Bollywood Actresses are there who got arrested for  practicing Prostitution.

Many of the B-grade actresses and divas preferred to choose the wrong path for earning quick money and one of those paths notably leads to Prostitution.

Actress Passionate to earn quick money

Recently, Goa Police arrested a popular Bollywood and TV actress for practicing Prostitution.

This actress has always been in the limelight or better say that she seeks limelight by giving controversial statements and nude photo shoots. Can you guess who is she?

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Arshi Khan is The Bollywood actress who carried out such practices and was arrested for her actions eventually.

Bollywood Actress Arshi Khan


Goa Police caught The Actress in a negotiated situation in a raid at the beach side hotel.

Arshi Khan Caught At Hotel


Reports recommend that Arshi has a passion of earning  quick money at any cost.

Arshi khan Can Do Any Thing For Earning Money

So, she cheerfully accepted to get involved in a prostitution racket.

Arshi Khan Involved In Prostitution Racket

And few weeks ago Arshi went to Goa for this purpose.

Arshi Went Goa For This Purpose


Goa police arrested Arshi khan from a 5-star hotel on the Accusation of practicing prostitution.

Arshi Got Arrested In The Hotel


After she was picked from the 5-star hotel, anyhow she managed to assure the police that she is not involved in any such practices also she is an actress. After That, she flew back to Mumbai quickly. Most noteworthy, it wasn’t her first time that she (Arshi) was in headlines due to wrong reason.

Arshi And Shahid Afridi


Arshi was making false allegations against Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi. Mainly she (Arshi) came into the limelight a few months ago by confessing in a video that she is pregnant and the person behind it is Shahid Afridi. Seems like it is normal for the actress to get media’s attention by uttering these absurd things but it’s too much now!


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