6 Symbols which show that your life is short

     6 Symbols which show that your life is short

Every one of us wants to live long.increasing age can not effect our lifestyle speed.We are facing many risks every year. our long life depends on our lifestyle.

These are the 6 symbols which show that your life is short unless you change your lifestyle.



It is true that having lots of workouts can not save you if you sit a lot.

if you’re sitting a lot at your workplace than you need to get up.sitting for a long time led some chances of having the blood clot.

it is sure for fatty peoples, pregnant ladies, and peoples who have passed from a surgery.

so get up and walk for some time after every hour.

2. If you have weight more than 100 pounds.

If you are carrying a lot of fat around your body, your body has to work hard to maintain it. may be your age is not much like the 20s, 30s but if you are having much weight than your body parts reacts much older.

in last few years heart disease is being the most common among 30 to 45-year aged peoples.it is the fifth main cause of death between the age of 15 to 34.

if you are frustrated with your weight and want to live more than you have to hard work for losing weight.

3. If your food contain potato chips and soda 

potato chips

Our body depends on the food that we eat. It effects the health of our body. Oily food, frozen food, potato chips and sugar containing sodas directly affect your system, eating this will make you overweight and lazy. It is totally a symbol of short life and inspite of eating this you should eat green vegetables and fruits.

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4. If you are alcoholic and chain smoker:-

alcohol and smoke

Alcohol and cigarette are not good for our heart, lungs, nd liver. drinking alcohol and smoking will allow diseases and illness like lung cancer and our liver become weak.cancer is the second main cause of death of people between the age of 35 to 44 in 2013.after leaving alcohol and cigarette your chances of living increases.

5.If you get sick every week.



If your immune system is week than it is difficult to deal with diseases.

pneumonia, fever, and typhoid were in top causes of death of people between the age of 25 to 45 in UN.

so you have to take care of yourself while going in public.

6.If you are in depression:-dipression


If you are not feeling good and are planning to commit suicide than talk to someone.

suicide was the second main cause of death of peoples between age 16 to 35 in UN in 2013.

there are many places where depressed persons are getting help.

if someone is in a depression around you then you should help him/her.