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Hello, Friends! welcome back to our website. Here you will get all types of technology related hacks and tricks. Today we are going to discuss Cloud Based Identity and Access Management. In previous articles, we have learnt about the Cloud Storage and its Service Types.  But today we are going to understand the Cloud Based Identity. So why are […]
Hey, Friends! welcome back to our website. Here you will get all types of technology related articles. So guys, in the previous article we have learned about basics of Social Media Management and Its Strategies. In this article, we will know the best Social Media Platforms. But before it, let us have a brief idea […]
Cloud storage is the specially a space where anyone can upload or download our data. This is the reason, Cloud Service providers have a big boost in their business. Data can be of any form such as image, Video or document etc. These days Everyone want to try Cloud hosting for their Web hosting instead […]
Our life is so busy in modern era we forget to laugh and smile in busy schedule. However sometimes we smile with fake laugh and it’s just for showing our surroundings. But here are some GIFs for real smile. So Don’t dare to miss these Hilarious GIFs. Thanks to original makers and creators of these […]

Virtuality  and reality. Before I start the concept of  virtuality and reality. I would like to say that this article is not all related to technical meaning it’s completely related to social

WHAT IS RANSOMWARE? Ransomware is a kind of malevolent software which carries Cryptoviral extortion attack from Crypto virology  with the intention of blocking the admittance to data in anticipat

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