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Hello, Friends! welcome to our website. Here you will get all types of technical stuff and hacks. Today we are going to discuss the most important topic i.e; “What is Cloud Computing”. As we know guys in Today’s world everyone is using the internet. Smartphones are available in every home now. Do you ever notice […]
Enewzhub Team Compiled Lion attacks on Human body and almost killed some one. Animals are lovely and sweet but some of them are violent also, So keep distance from these animals. A lion escaped from cage and started random attacks on many Men. So don’t wait more and watch out these Lion attacks on Human […]

Virtuality  and reality. Before I start the concept of  virtuality and reality. I would like to say that this article is not all related to technical meaning it’s completely related to social

WHAT IS RANSOMWARE? Ransomware is a kind of malevolent software which carries Cryptoviral extortion attack from Crypto virology  with the intention of blocking the admittance to data in anticipation of a ransom is paid and displays a note appeal payment to unlock it. Straight forward Ransomware possibly will lock the system in a technique which is not thorny for a well-informed person to […]

ξIMPORTANCE OF  ADVERTISEMENT  ON  WEBSITE- Now days everyone businessman is busy in expanding there business in different manner.Advertisement is the bestway to convey there product detail in the

     6 Symbols which show that your life is short Every one of us wants to live long.increasing age can not effect our lifestyle speed.We are facing many risks every year. our long life depends on our lifestyle. These are the 6 symbols which show that your life is short unless you change your […]

WHAT IS CLOUD COMPUTING? Noun form- Cloud Computing Plural Noun- Cloud Computing’s It is known as delivery of hosted services over the internet or we can say cloud computing refers to storing a

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