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Accelerated Mobile Page Testing or commonly called AMP Testing is a tool by google to test mobile site speed. As name says, it’s important to have AMP enabled websites as it gives more attraction and better user experience. On 13th October 2016, the addition of new AMP testing tool in search console was officially announced […]

WHAT IS RANSOMWARE? Ransomware is a kind of malevolent software which carries Cryptoviral extortion attack from Crypto virology  with the intention of blocking the admittance to data in anticipat

ξIMPORTANCE OF  ADVERTISEMENT  ON  WEBSITE- Now days everyone businessman is busy in expanding there business in different manner.Advertisement is the bestway to convey there product detail in the market. So the one who launch there new product has to advertise and pay the one who gives space for the advertisement . This trend is also […]

WHAT IS CLOUD COMPUTING? Noun form- Cloud Computing Plural Noun- Cloud Computing’s It is known as delivery of hosted services over the internet or we can say cloud computing refers to storing a

Significance of HTTPS. With the knowledge of HTTP and Protocol. Protocol of computer means set of invisible rules that govern how the internet document gets transmitted to your screen. Protocol which is commonly seen is (http://) and (https://) Firstly we need to know what is HTTP and some error ? HTTP allows web linking and browsing. […]

Nowadays PAYTM has become like our family member. In fact, it is like our best half, isn’t it? But what if our lovely PAYTM app got hacked?: Ladies and gentlemen, you all will be shocked to hear

What is a need of search operator This post tells you how to use search operators. You write many searching inquiries day by day on Google, however what amount of the content is really what you require? Only 60% of the search is found successful. Numerous SEOs use scan administrators for third party referencing via searching down things like “who posted […]

Ways to overcome overweight In this world which is full of competition, everyone wants to be at the top and if not at the top then atleast up to the mark. And your physical fitness very much matters i

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